• Providing consulting and services on audit, inspection and financial issues to local and foreign construction companies operating in the Republic
  • Providing legal advice and services to local and foreign construction companies operating in the country
  • Support for the activities of foreign construction companies in our country

Company promotion

Placement of the member’s logo in the Partners section of the Association’s Website in connection with the promotion of the Association’s member companies, obtaining sponsorship discounts at the Association’s events and placing advertising posters of the member companies at those events and in the mass media

Social platform

The social platform provides professional opportunities for association members to connect and build communities around projects. The main method for sharing and sharing information is social media.

Close contact with government agencies

Azerbaijan Construction Manufacturers Association, government agencies on the principle of legal solution, comparison and exchange of problems related to construction, identification and acquisition of good practices by interacting with public authorities, departments, organizations and enterprises in order to solve the problems of member companies creates a close connection with.


Membership Certificate and Construction Safety Certificate – is important for anyone who wants to gain a strong knowledge of health and safety within the construction environment. These include general issues such as working at heights, demolition and drilling, electrical, fire, chemical and work equipment. This course will ensure that members have the ability to secure construction activities in accordance with relevant regional legislation.


Azerbaijan Construction Manufacturers Association